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Housekeeping services in London

We have been serving customers in all areas of London for over 5 years, so we know what our customers need and expect from a quality housekeeping service.

We have many experienced housekeepers on the App, they have all been vetted using ID verification, DBS check and references. Some of our housekeepers are also regular cleaners.

To be a housekeeper they need to have a minimum of 4 years housekeeping experience, they will be proficient in ironing and wardrobe management, fridge management, bed making and general cleaning. Some, but not all can also do cooking and run small errands.

Our housekeeping team have not just been selected because they tick all the skill boxes but because they are really nice people who also offer good customer service.

Hiring our housekeepers is a cost-effective solution

Chores & Paws International are not like other firms who claim to have fully trained housekeepers, our housekeepers have to have a minimum of 4 years housekeeping experience which we verify in great detail by references and on site training. Moreover, our fee is very reasonable. You can even compare it with other companies for satisfaction. We are sure that you will see a clear difference. Also, our service is free from hidden charges, and we never compromise on the quality of the service. As our staff get to do the given job, you can do the inspection. It is rare that you find any flaw. In case it happens, inform us immediately. We will take action ASAP and make things right for you.

Duties & Responsibilities

Here is a brief description of what is included in Housekeeping services in London.


This is part of our normal housekeeping service, our housekeepers will usually put the washing on at the start of their service so that it can be dried in the prescribed manner, they will have expert knowledge in textiles, colours and detergents ensuring your garments are free from the risk of damage.

Wardrobe management

Put simply, your housekeeper will professionally fold, hand and organise your wardrobe and drawers.

Regular house cleaning

We understand that many of our customers are juggling work, family and home life so it’s important that your housekeeper keeps up with maintaining your homes cleanliness. We can assure you your housekeeper will maintain a standard of excellence at all times.

Fridge management

Your chosen housekeeper will inspect your fridge on every visit, checking for food that may of expired and with your prior consent they will dispose of any food that is past it’s sell by date. Your fridge will be thoroughly cleaned on every visit reducing odours from spillages and expired food.


Some of our trained housekeepers can assist you with cooking light and healthy meals, but this is ONLY with prior consultation pre booking as NOT all of them offer this service.

Small errands

Your housekeeper can do small errands for you such as 1 bag of essential shopping or taking your clothes to a dry cleaner.

Pet care services

Some of our trained housekeepers can assist with dog walking or pet care during the allotted time, but this is ONLY with prior consultation pre booking as NOT all of them perform this service.

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