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Cleaning services in London Bridge

Whether you have a modern apartment over looking the river Thames or a Victorian conversion we have an experienced cleaner and housekeeper in your area. Noted for our attention to detail our service providers will not disappoint.

We realise as customers lead very busy lives and face constant battles juggling work life with domestic chores, we wanted to create a quick and easy booking system so in just 3 clicks and in under a minute you can book one of our highly trained and professional cleaners, housekeepers or dog walkers.

We also cater for any of your home projects, we have expert handymen and painter/decorators that can help you to achieve your perfect home.

Cleaner or Housekeeper?

Chores & Paws International are not like other companies who claim to have fully trained housekeepers, our housekeepers have to have a minimum of 5 years housekeeping experience which we verify in great detail by references and on site training.

Our fees are competitive without any hidden extras. We never compromise on quality. Our housekeepers are all trained in laundry and wardrobe management, they can also sanitise your fridge and make sure all expired food is disposed of, they will be excellent at ironing and bed making as well as general cleaning.

The difference between a cleaner and a housekeeper basically comes down to experience and their skill set, all of our team are cleaners and some are both.

If you just need cleaning, ironing and bed making then opt for our regular cleaning service or a one off deep clean, if however you need more of a comprehensive service such as laundry, wardrobe and fridge management on top of general cleaning we advise booking our housekeeper service. Please do get in touch if you need further help on this.

Housekeeping and Cleaning

We believe we have a home solution just for you. Our team of dedicated and trusted cleaners and housekeepers are in your local and are available to book on the Chores and Paws App today.


This is part of our normal housekeeping service, our housekeepers will usually put the washing on at the start of their service so that it can be dried in the prescribed manner, they will have expert knowledge in textiles, colours and detergents ensuring your garments are free from the risk of damage.

Wardrobe management

Put simply, your housekeeper will professionally fold, hand and organise your wardrobe and drawers.

Fridge management

Your chosen housekeeper will inspect your fridge on every visit, checking for food that may of expired and with your prior consent they will dispose of any food that is past it’s sell by date. Your fridge will be thoroughly cleaned on every visit reducing odours from spillages and expired food.


Some of our trained housekeepers can assist you with cooking light and healthy meals, but this is ONLY with prior consultation pre booking as NOT all of them offer this service.

Small errands

Your housekeeper can do small errands for you such as 1 bag of essential shopping or taking your clothes to a dry cleaner.

Pet care services

Some of our trained housekeepers can assist with dog walking or pet care during the allotted time, but this is ONLY with prior consultation pre booking as NOT all of them perform this service.

Oven Cleaning

Our cleaners and housekeepers can do a domestic oven clean, but to go the extra mile why not look at our affiliated partner ‘Hello Reboot’ they can have your oven looking like new again and if you mention Chores and Paws you’ll get £5.00 off your first clean! If you’re unsure about which type of oven you have Reboot can advise, they also use non-abrasive products so every oven is safe in their hands.

Cleaning Products and Appliances

As all our team use public transport, bicycle or are on foot you will need to supply all your own cleaning products, materials and appliances, but here is basic guide: Mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner, microfibre cloths, dusters, sponges and a step ladder. With products you’ll need a good bathroom & kitchen spray cleaner, bleach, polish, fairy liquid, glass cleaner and a floor cleaner.

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Cleaning Questions Answered

Yes, if you select a recurring clean with a specific cleaner/housekeeper she/he will come on every visit, the only time this could change is if you’re chosen cleaner/housekeeper is off sick or is absent due to personal reasons, if this happened, we will do our best to find you an alternative service provider.

You can send us a message through the app and one of our customer service representatives will contact you to help with your booking or enquiry, or you can email us through the website or call us on 0208 970 4449

As most of our team travel by foot, bicycle or public transport you will need to provide a mop, bucket, microfibre cloths, dusters and a working vacuum cleaner. The following are products we recommend you have on the day of the clean.

• Multi-surface disinfectant
• Limescale remover
• Kitchen cleaner
• Bathroom cleaner
• Floor cleaner
• Glass cleaner
• Toilet cleaner
• Bleach
• Rubber gloves
• Clean sponges and cloths (preferably microfibre cloths), washed between visits
• Any specialist surface cleaners you need, such as chrome, granite, marble or wood cleaner

Yes, you can add your request in the additional notes box, however your service provider will need to approve this request and you will need to pay her cash on receipt of a valid purchase.

In the event of this happening you can ask your service provider to carry out some extra tasks such as watering the plants, cleaning inside windows, clean all the light switches or wipe down the skirting. Only you can decide if your service provider can leave earlier than the finish time.

We have enhanced pet insurance. Our cleaning team, party assistants and handy people are all self employed and are encouraged to make their own insurance arrangements. However for accidental damage and as a good will gesture we will cover up to £200, damage has to be reported within 48 hours after the clean with photographic evidence. We will then investigate the claim by listening to both sides of the allegation in the hope it can be amicably resolved. As part of the investigation, you will need proof of receipt of purchase. We will take into account depreciation value to assess a fair and reasonable amount of compensation which may be less than £200. If there is accidental damage caused by spillages of corrosive substances including bleach WE DO NOT in any circumstances compensate for this type of accidental damage and you must speak to your chosen service provider about their insurances.