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Natural Ways To Deordorise A Fridge

Hate A Smelly Fridge?


I hate a smelly fridge and it always seems no matter what you throw away that awful smell still lingers.

Most people absolutely loathe cleaning their fridge, some of our customers tell us that’s the one place they can’t stand cleaning by themselves and who can blame you.

Let’s face it fridge cleaning is a task and a half, first you need to remove all the food in the fridge then take out the shelves, wash literally everything including the corners of the fridge which can be tricky, then replace the shelves and rearrange all the food throwing out all the expired products – Job Done! Or so, you think.

Then within a day or so that dreaded smell is back sooner than you expected, before you completely despair, we have some handy tips to help you combat fridge odour

  1. First Rule eat it, freeze it or throw it.

Always try to buy exactly what can you eat as excessive buying can lead to wastage or rotting food. If it’s just within the use by date cook it and eat it or freeze it, if it’s reached the unthinkable stage of rot then BIN IT.

2. Food storage, seal it or box it.

Most of us have leftovers from time to time and that’s okay providing you put them in plastic sealed box or a zipper bag, that way you can preserve the food for longer and reduce fridge odor.

3. Clean on a regular basis

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding it, but if you book one of our professional housekeepers this is one task you don’t have to do, they will be able to sanitise your fridge from top to bottom, throwing away any expired produce and leaving your fridge smelling clean.

Fridge Management

Some Extra Tips and Tricks To Ease The Smell

  • Cotton balls dipped in vanilla or rose extract – Simply just mix some extract or an essential oil of your choice in some water, then dampen the cotton balls in the solution and place them on every shelf in the fridge, this is a great way for your whole fridge to smell deliciously scented and fragrant.
  • A bowl of oats – according to traditional tips on housekeeping, placing a bowl of oats into the middle of the fridge helps to suck up the odours within the fridge.
  • A bowl of coffee beans – These are often used in department stores when people are sampling too many perfumes all at once, apparently they restore your ability to distinguish between one smell and another, but in the fridge they help to absorb the fridge odour.

We hope we have given you some useful advice and handy tips on how to combat fridge odours, we’d love to hear from you if you try any of our tips above or indeed if you have any of your own to share with us.

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