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Built-In Desk for A Home-Office

A lot of us now are used to working from home, built in desks can be a great solution to streamline your home-office space.

No matter what your budget is there is a built-in desk that will work perfectly for you.

A built-in desk can be quick and easy to install.

Types of Built-In Desks

We can use the space you have available to create the perfect home-office solution, from compact to entire wall space.

The Wardrobe Built-In Desk

If you have a spare room with a wardrobe that’s no longer in use, we can convert this compact space into a customised desk.

For this type of desk all you need is a few mounting brackets, some shelfs and some imagination. Add some work-space lighting and you’ll have the perfect compact, hideaway desk in no time!

Built-In Kitchen Desk

The kitchen is often the centre of the home, everything seems to take place in the kitchen and if you’re a busy working mum the kitchen might be the obvious choice to have a desk.  

The simple option is to claim a section of your counter space, buy a chair or bar stool and off you go. But you can also go the extra mile by removing cupboards and adjusting the countertop height, making yourself cosy in a functional workspace.

Built-In Corner Desk

This is a great space-saving option and is a good way to use the sometimes-wasted space in the corner of a room.

This option is simpler than you might think as all you need is some timber and some basic construction skills, or you can buy units that are meant to be corner cupboards or tables and use them as a base to build your desk.

Built-In Desk with Bookshelves

If you are an avid book collector and have a room screaming out for lots of bookshelves, consider making them built-in bookshelves that incorporate a few wider shelves that can be used as a desk. Using a 2-shelf option gives you plenty of workspace and storage.

Enquire today about our Handyman Service – we charge just £45.00 an hour. Some small jobs can be completed within an hour, but for bigger projects our tradesmen/women will give you a bespoke consultation and quote.

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